Investing in Your Future

Thinking of buying a commercial property? Do you want a proper market research based assessment from the industry experts? We have the connection to the right people and we can structure the deal to suit your requirement.

We will do an analysis on the term of the lease, term remaining on the lease and income generated from the lease to satisfy the correct interest cover as per bank's requirement.

We will also conduct industry recognised research on the tenants for debts that require long term or short term servicing. We have structured investment deals throughout Australia whilst working for the respective commercial banks.


Business Loans

108 Finance Group also specialises in Business Loans. We have helped customers in getting the right finance and great rates to purchase fruit shops, grocery stores, mechanic shops, taxi licences and many more business ventures.

We will talk to the right lender and get the best deal for you. We share a good rapport with all the lender's on our panel and are very passionate about your success. We have lenders on our panel that do not require security to give you a business loan. If need be, we can also assist you in making a good business plan and verify cash flow for your business.

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